Integrated mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) systems are the foundation of EII's innovation. Joined with combined heat and power (CHP), even greater versatility is achievable. EII's systems are tailored to industrial production processes such as dry-mill corn ethanol production. We recapture energy normally lost to cooling towers and put it back to work.

Proven Technology

Our designs' integration of multiple processes increases energy capture and reduces system equipment costs. EII’s patented designs include:

  • combined heat and power,
  • innovative drying solutions, and
  • carbon dioxide processing.

They can include distillation, fractionation, dehydration, evaporation, cooking, liquefaction, drying, and fermentation processes.

Your system will operate as it currently does, but the steam generated by the boiler will be drastically reduced, as will the need for cooling tower capacity. 

Easy startup and shutdown combined with safe, reliable, easily balanced operations deliver valuable benefits without imposing significant challenges on operations and maintenance personnel.

Turnkey Financing

EII will provide funding for projects and oversight of project execution, delivering a one-stop solution maximizing value and minimizing cost.

Our Approach

We start by performing an Integrated Energy Assessment—an accurate, detailed mass energy balance (MEB) for your existing system. Then we develop a preliminary retrofit design, including major equipment specifications and a process design MEB. Budget-quality quotes and estimates of equipment and services costs will give an economic snapshot and a sound basis for installing a project.

Extraordinary Efficiency

Our technology achieves efficiencies unavailable through other waste heat recovery options, such as Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). The energy recovery efficiencies available through our integrated MVR designs can be more than 25 times greater than those provided by ORC.

40+ Years of Patented Innovation

Starting with our original patent filed in 1980, EII's proven innovations are now backed by 15 patents (and counting), including:
MVR in Petrochem and Industrial Processes
MVR in CO2 Processing
MVR Drying System
MVR Base Continuation Patent CHP Optional
Base Patent Integrated MVR CHP
Heat Recovery in Distillation Process
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